Einsteinium is a cryptocurrency dedicated to funding scientific, technological and philanthropic projects. The Einsteinium coin, abbreviated as EMC2, is the source of this funding and is obtained, like Bitcoin, on the basis of the Proof-of-Work algorithm. In practice, EMC2 works as if someone had taken Bitcoin and connected it to a charity fund.

The Einsteinium Foundation is the organisational equivalent of the Einsteinium coin, the centre of the project’s charitable and research funds. From the extraction process, the foundation receives 2.5 % of each block award. Of which 0.5 % is spent on marketing and donations, while the remaining 2 % is spent to finance research.

The beginning of Einsteinium is in 2014. The Einsteinium Foundation officially started its work on 1st March and in April it was officially registered as a non-profit organization in Montreal, Canada, becoming the first NPO-oriented in the cryptocurrency world.